Smt. D K Pattammal a legendary Karnatic musician had set the greatest values for the Karnatic musicians to follow. The way she rendered the Krithis with requisite prenounciation and the lyrics were admirably clear in diction. Anyone who had listened to her will immediately become a fan of her singing.

As an accompanist to her legendary music I felt that the enormous inputs she had put in her music. The musician in her was so great may look simple outwardly, but there was great depth and will be difficult to follow without real vidwath one possess.

DKP as she was fondly called was a very homely and simple woman in nature. The great smile with which she receives everyone will have great friendliness towards her. She always blesses with full heart. I was the one who had the privilege of accompanying her on 22nd December 1962 -5.30 p.m. -The Music Academy New Building Srimati D. K. Pattammal (Vocal)-Sri M. S. Anantharaman (Violin)-Sri Palghat Kunjumani (Mridangam)-Sri Krishnamurthi Rao (Ghatam) when she sang the pallavi ‘ Endaro Mahanubavulu ‘ which was a great hit in those days.

Looking at Smt DKP one will have a feeling that she was an incarnation of Goddess Saraswathy. She sang Krithis with great verve and quality even the layman can understand the music. She did not compromise on musical values. Regarding the raga delineation all the rakthi ragas like Bhairavi, Shankarbharanam, Thodi, Reethigoulai, Dhanyasi etc., were rendered with full of heavy raga musical phrases which one has to follow delligently.

I also had the privilege of accompanying her on violin for a concert tour to Srilanka to accompany DKP, in which Nithyasree and her sister Gayathri also came with their parents Sri I Sivakumar and Smt. Lalitha sivakumar . Sri I Sivakumar played the mridangam for the concerts. In one house concert I played solo for which Sivakumar accompanied me on the mridangam. Smt.DKP and Iswaran were in the audience

Throughout the tour there were lot of audience for the concerts and there was a parental care for everyone. It was a great success.

Violin Vidwan M.S.Anantharaman