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Pattammal sang for more AVM films besides "Nam Iruvar". Those were “Vethala Ulagam” (1948) , “ Vazhkai” (1949) and " Rama Rajyam"(1948)." Vethala Ulagam" was based on fantasy -play by the founding father of the Renaissance of Tamil theater, Pammal Sambandam Mudaliar. Pattammal sang two melodious songs both written by Mahakavi Subramanian Bharathiyar. One song was "Thoondir Puzhvinaipol Sudarvilakkinaipol " which has been popular for years before it was used in this film. It is in this song the following famous lines occur..... Paalum Kasanthathadee Sakhiyey Padukkai Nonthathadee Kolakili Mozhiuyum Seviyil Kutthal Eduthathadee!

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The other song was the more popular "Theeratha Vilayattu Pillai..!. The excellent seemingly effortless singing style of Pattammal and the bewitching dancing by 'Baby' Kamala elevated the last scene in the film to great aesthetic heights. This scene was hand-tinted frame by frame and in many cinemas it was screened in color!

AV. Meiyappan dubbed the super hit Hindi film, "Ram Rajya" in Tamil. In an innovative move he added a prelude to the film, the popular song sung by Pattammal describing the main events of the epic, ' Ramayanam', "Enakkun Irupatham Ninaikka .." As she sang, the events were shown on screen as 'shadow play' (silhouette ), a novelty in cinema of that day. Pattammal sang in ragas, Kedharagowla, Shanmughapriya, Bilahari, Dhanyasi, Mayamalavagowla, and Mohanam. Pattammal also sang in AVM's " Vazhkai" (1949) which introduced Vyjayanthimala to movies with a bang. The film was a major hit of 1949 and Meiyappan remade it in Telugu ( as " Jeevitham") and Hindi (" Bahar"). Vyjayanthimala attracted national attention and became a multi-lingual star and never looked back. The talented Bharathanatyam dancer executed a scintillating song and dance number, "Bharatha Samudayam Vaazhgavey." written years ago by Bharathiyar and rendered by Pattammal. The music composer was R Sudarsanam.