Krishnaswami Dhikshithar and Rajammal

Padma Bushan Smt. Damal Krishnaswamy Pattammal (DKP) was born on 19th March 1919 in the land of divinity, Kancheepuram, near Chennai. She was named Alamelu but her father used to call her Patta, a loving pet name for the only girl child of the family. She was the only sister to the three sons of Sri. Krishnaswamy Dhikshithar and Smt. Kanthimathi (fondly called Rajamma paatti by her grandchildren).

DKP’s father, was the eighth son to his parents and had seven elder sisters. He was therefore named after Lord Krishna, who was the eighth son to Devaki and Vasudeva. Sri Krishnaswamy Dhikshithar was a pious man with strong principles. He hailed from a hamlet, Damal close to Kancheepuram and worked as a school teacher. Not a single day passed for him without visiting the Kanchi Kamakshi temple and taking the deity’s blessings. He used to find satisfaction in hosting saints and sadhus visiting Kanchipuram. He himself was a follower of Kanchi Periava and Shri Ramana Maharishi. It was divine grace that DKP was born to this noble man.