I feel very much blessed to be given an opportunity to share few words about our dear pattamma. To me she is the meaning for the word’ patience’. In the eight years of my association with her, my admiration for her humble nature only grew day by day. She never lets you feel that you are dealing with a music legend. I could understand how great shewas,only from others who visited her and talked about her. She had great respect and love for her father that almost everyday she used to mention about him in her conversation.

Wholehearted blessing ‘ that is what you receive when you visit her.I had the privilege of receiving it everyday. Do any of us react to pain with a smile? Pattamma could do it. She will gently hold my hand or smile at me and say that the exercise is giving her pain. I have never seen and never will see anyone like her. Throughout our association, she had narrated so many interesting incidents from her life and I feel how much blessed I was to hear them from her directly.

As a physiotherapist, I feel very proud that I could help her in the last eight years of her life . I thank god for the wonderful opportunity to be associated with such a great legend . I do not have a photograph of me with her and that makes me feel very bad. How I wish I could have one? I wish all the family members who are involved in this wonderful work. Once again thank you for giving this opportunity.