DKP, Iswaran, Rukmini ammal and D.K. Jayaraman

A rare combination of DKP’s talent, husband’s unconditional support and mother-in-law’s encouragement, made her a legendary singer. She started her married life in Pollachi, down South of Tamilnadu. Her mother-in-law, Smt. Rukmini Ammal, sister of Dr. P.S. Srinivasan, who was instrumental in her pursuing music, was a young widow with two sons of whom Sri Iswaran was the elder one. DKP would not have grown as a musician without Rukmini Ammal. To perform in an outstation concert those days, DKP had to travel for days in a locomotive train and the journey to the venue and return trip to home was an ordeal. Rukmini ammal would take care of the home front and DKP’s children during these trips, with utmost care. Her husband’s family took a lot of pride in DKP being a musician and exhibited it with unflinching encouragement and support.