Her father, a lover of music himself, though did not have any intention of seeing his daughter as a singer, found joy in teaching sacred chants and hymns like 'Mukundhamalai', 'Shayamala Dhandakam', 'Krishna Karnamrutham', etc. even when she was only three years old. He would gently wake her up at 3am, wipe her eyes and softly whisper, “Your voice will shape up beautifully if you sing at this auspicious time at dawn” and feed her cow’s milk before starting her practice. This probably sowed the seeds into this growing nightingale. She used to love the sweet lime juice which her father made especially for her. He also taught her Sanskrit and Telugu to enhance her enunciation. DKP had great regards for her father and her dependency was on two most important men in her life – her father, as a spinster and her husband, after wedding. DKP’s elder brother Sri D K Ranganathan was interested in music. So were her two younger brothers Sri D K Nagarajan and Sri D K Jayaraman. After DKP began singing, she used to wait for her elder brother’s review on her singing, for he was a very good critic. Sri. D K Nagarajan moved to the United States and trained many disciples in music there. D K Jayaraman is a world renowned musician himself. She lost her father in 1939.

DKP and D K Nagarajan DKP with DK.Ranganathan-Thambura Susheela, DKP, DKJ