IkoNammaSami- Manirangu



When she learnt a new song, she would ensure she sang it umpteen times to perfect it. She also felt it was of utmost importance to understand the meaning of the song, and therefore would write the meaning 4 to 5 times. She would check the meaning of the song with experts of that language. Her intricate understanding of the song enabled her to include apt nuances and sangatis taking the song to its pinnacle. When the new song took stage, the song would definitely have been sung at least 200 times before it made its debut. The countless number of times she practised the song never tired her; she sang with the same excitement and energy every time she sang it.

Whether it was a stage concert, or a radio performance, or a single invocation song, or an oonjal at a wedding, or when obliging requests from fans; there was no room for a dismissive attitude towards music. She emphasised on complete involvement and dedicated practice.

Lalitha Sivakumar