Everyone knows that DKJ is DKP’s younger brother. But what many may not be aware of is that DKP considered DKJ more as her first son. He was more than a younger brother; he was her strength, emotional support and friend.

When DKJ passed away suddenly, the devastating news was delivered to her through a phone call in the early morning. He had been admitted in the hospital late at night and had passed away early in the morning. This came as a rude shock to DKP as DKJ had not been in a dire state of health before passing away. She was dumb struck that her pillar had passed away.

Within 5 minutes, even when experiencing one of her saddest moments in life, she realized that she had concert commitment in 4 days’ time in Dammal, her native village. It was a wedding concert and the family had fixed the wedding after inquiring DKP’s availability for the concert; such was their love for DKP’s music. DKP consulted her husband about whether she should go ahead with the concert. She realized that she had given her promise to give a concert to the family that gave her music so much importance. She knew that if DKJ was still alive, he would have wanted her to go ahead with the concert and would have emphasized on commitment too.

She inquired with the family if they would mind if she performed at the wedding despite the devastating news in the family. They were so stunned at her commitment towards music. She remained composed inspite of her personal loss for the sake of duty.