First Stage Apperance

Savithri was supposed to sing a ‘viruththam’ in the play when YamA, the lord of death comes to get her husband SathyavAn. The viruththam is one with such complex philosophical meaning and the school wondered how such a small child can even understand its meaning in order to be able to sing it in the relevant manner. After some discussions the school unanimously agreed that this child was an able singer and that they can have her sing the song.

The school day came and it was show time and Pattammal sang the viruththam. She sang so well that the entire audience was absolutely enthralled! They were all mesmerized and went to a state of trance listening to this child’s rendition of that viruththam. The song goes as follows:

“ThAyAr irundhenna? Thandhaiyum irundhenna? than pravu yuravu kOdi,
Dhana malai kuviththenna? gana peayar yeduththenna? dharaniyai Andu menna?
ChEyargal irundhenna? GuruvAi irundhenna? ChIdargal irundhu menna?
Chithu pala kathenna? niththamum vrathangal cheythenna? nadhigal yellAmOyaathu moozhginum yenna palan?

yaman Olai ondrai kandu thadukka
UdhavumA? idhu velaam chanthAyura vendru dhAn unniru pAdham pidithaen,
YAr mIdhu un manam irundhAlum un kadaikkan pArvai yadhu podhumae,
Eesane , sivakAmi nEsane , yenai eendra thillai vAzh natarAjane”.

What if mother is there?
What if father is there?

What if one is born in a noble family?
What if one accumulated a mountain of wealth?

What if one got great fame?

What if one ruled the earth?
What if one had children?

What if one is a teacher?

What if one had disciples?
What if one learns several tricks?

What if one observed penance daily?
What fruit of action ever came from even continuously dipping oneself in sacred river waters?

Can all these help one to stop the call from Yama?

So thinking that these are only temporary friends,
I caught hold of your feet.

On whoever you may have your mind, a mere look at me even through the corner of your eyes is enough for me
Oh Lord Shiva , darling of Parvathi , Oh Nataraja of Chidambaram, the God who gave birth to me!]

Everyone in the audience was spellbound wondering how this little child sang this song with such bhaavam that the audience went to a trance and moved to tears! DKP received unparalleled applause and appreciation from the crowd that evening.