The uniqueness that bewilders all rasikas around the world is that our most beloved DKP hails from a family where there have been no vidwans in her ancestral generation nor did she have any formal training in music. However, it is believed that her mother used to sing. DKP’s family was not so economically affluent that she could afford to undergo formal music training. But her beloved father used to teach her slokas and mantras during her early childhood and took her along whenever he attended music concerts. Thanks to this great soul, her father, we could all witness musical magic in DKP in our lives. As Saint Thyagaraja beautifully describes in few lines the greatness of Guru… in his krithi, 'Guruleka etu vanti guniki teliyaga bodu…' Without a guru, however virtuous a person may be it is impossible to know…. DKP renders her humble salutations to all her gurus who had a great impact in her musical journey and who moulded her to what she was known as ‘DEAR DKP’ to all her music rasikas and ‘Dear Patta’ to all her contemporaries.