Gayathri and Nithyasree, daughters of Shri Sivakumar had the good fortune of learning from the Doyen of Carnatic Music DKP even as they were toddlers. Both the grand daughters got trained to take up music as their profession, and it needs to be mentioned that Gayathri is blessed with a voice that resembles DKP a lot. Dr Nithyasree Mahadevan is one of the distinguished vocalists of India, who has cut a niche for herself. She is a prominent well established musician respected by one and all for carrying on the legacy of DKP. Her grandsons Raj Guru and Charan Jeeva are successful in their chosen careers. They have not taken up music but still they are very appreciative about it. DKP is blessed with six great grandchildren. Dr Ajay SundaraRaman, Lavanya SundaraRaman, Arvind, Tejashree, Tanujashree and Sathya. Continuing with the DKP lineage, Lavanya SundaraRaman (daughter of Smt Gayathri) is the fourth generation vocalist in the family. She is a budding upcoming artist holding a lot of promise in the field of Carnatic Music.

Lakshman Kumar, Shantha, Charan Jeeva with DKP