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Dear Mrs Gayathri, it is indeed a great effort by you and the entire family to put this website together. As a rasika I feel very blessed to have even listened to Smt DKP's music. May God be with you and the entire family, always.

Best regards
Vidya Nagarajan

"Namaskarams, Kudos, Our long cherished wish has finally been fulfilled , by creating a dedicated web site for the legendary singer DKP Amma. I had the opportunity to view and go through the entire web site today at USA ( on a Business Trip) and I consider that am lucky to view and know a lot about Amma.

I have been a listener to her Kutcheries including those when she one day came on Jaya TV for Ragamaliga. I simply cannot forget in my life her affectionate voice of addressing the girls & boys who participated in that program. Such was the power of her affectionate voice of inquiry , i literally shed tears. I still remember that day for a particular girl who was not well , but had to sing and she was more than a mother, said in such a heavenly voice " "that every thing will be alright, you will soon get cured etc., "

Whenever I see her face, it is as if am seeing Goddess Lakshmi. Such is her influence in me.

While on this I wish her lineage ( ancestors ) shall also have been mentioned, which i hope will be done. Does she belong to the Famous Mahan Appaya Diskshitar family, either paternally or maternally?

I would be too happy to receive this information.

Thanks & Pranam,
#M-558, 65 th Cross Street,
Tamizhnadu - 635109.

Dear Ms.Gayathri,

I browsed the site for the first time today and went straight away for music section and under the Young category, I found the rare piece of Eppo Varuvaro in Harikhamboji (Khamas!!!). If I am not wrong, DKP has sung in the most popular tune of Jonepuri.

Your site is very pleasing and aesthetically developed. Please upload more rare and old recordings.

Thanks for sharing this. Very generous of you people indeed. I have always been a great fan of DKP's music.

Bangkok, Thailand.

Hi ,

Just been through the website. Its nice and treasury for music lover. Got a clear understanding and interesting facts about DKP ji. Very nice . I want to appreciate your effort to make it usable for larger audience.

Thanks & Regards,
Sheik Mohaideen A

Dear Ms.Gayathri and team!!!

Congratulations, brilliant!! Great unparalled achievement by legendary musician, the website is is very good. Especailly the opening melody "Aduvome palli paduvome" , its give us more patriotic,and pleasant, we loved it.

we wish you and your team a great success!!!

Thanks & Regards,
State of Qatar

Namaskaram Mrs. Gayathri,

This is Sowmiya Narayanan from Germantown, MD

There is no words to explain. Fantastic and phenomenal website from everybody from your team.

Myself and my 10 years old son Sanjith read with lot of interest about the Sishya's page. especially my son was reading with great enthusiasm about Mrs. Jayashri Rajagoplan's various anecdote with lot of interest and personal experiences with great maestro DKP. He was asking lot of questions from Tamil to English translation. The success of your website - user interface is simple with very easy to understand examples.

Truly you are all blessed to be with DKP Amma for sure.

Hearty congratulations for the great efforts for sure.

Sowmiya J Narayanan

Madam gayatri,,

I am very happy that such a beautiful and informative website is launched which is covering so much interesting matter. I wish every rasika of pattamm’s music will contribute all the material relevant to amma though not connected to her music. Words will not be able to measure the ‘anubhuti’ I undergone while going through the site. Thanx a million to the people who are all involved in this great job.

Warm regards
Panduranga sarma, hyderabad

Dear Mrs Gayathri

Thanks for bringing this nice website on DKP.

Painstaking collections with true presentation with photo albums on DKP music journeys & family tree. You are blessed to be a lineage of DKP family.

Very few musician (contemporary or current) can equal her tonal depth, understanding of sahitya, sruthi suddha, akshara suddha, variety of "vagyekarar songs", apt RTP rendering & above all soul stirring music for over 60+ years.

She should have been honored with "Bharat Ratna". In my view : she deserved to be a "Bharat Ratna" in every true sense.

Chakravarthi V Srinivasan
Chennai 20 August 9, 2013


Kudos to your effort and dedication in bringing out this site on the legendary Smt D.K.Pattamal.

The intent and content are really praiseworthy. DKP’s soulful music is always evergreen.

Music apart, she was humility personified, a role model for every aspirant of carnatic music, an icon to emulate.

Thank you
H S Sridhar,