Hamsadhwani was inaugurated with DKP’s auspicious presence and her lucky hand lighted the Kuthuvillaku on Aug 18, 1990.

Ten years later carnatic music will remember the eventful Parampara concert on 22Aug,2000 in the 10 th Annual festival of Hamsadhwani when R. Ramachandran convinced her to sing with four generations on stage –her daughter-in-law Lalitha Sivakumar, grand daughter Nithyashree, great grand daughter Lavanya and her son I.Sivakumar on Mrudangam make it an evening to remember and rejoice.

Her dignified presence with vatsalyam she showed made her reach out to people from all sections of the society . She blessed with a gentle smile and a big heart. Her mellowed voice linger in our ears and for those who care for tradition she was the embodiment of values and classicism in music.

Its worth recalling RRC’s tributes t on hat Parampara concert day to DKP – “ What passion cannot music can raise and quell! Pattammal ‘s audiences listen to her in subdued enjoyment of the celestial sound. If Rt.Hon’ble Srinivasa Sastri was a silver tongued orator , DKP is a golden voiced minstrel with a quiet plentitude soothing to the heart”.

To millions of admirers DKP’D music symbolizes tradition, solidity-azhutham, diction ,vishraanthi and purity. The bhakthi aspect was never ignored and she stood for high values to present Dikshithar repertoire with competence and character .You could learn from her singing the lyrics, you could listen to the dainty touch to her sangathis, a bhava led neraval sans frills and pace –all her music was to elevate not entertain.

Sanctity to lyrics , sense of proportion to swaraprasthara were her forte and she ensured that the music was undiluted joy for those who valued music as a mode to attain salvation. Ofcourse, she stormed into the male bastion of Pallavi singing and Ragam Tanam Pallavis were specially crafted and rendered with aplomb. The yearning ‘naan oru vilayattu bhommaiya , the majestic Thyagaraja Yoga Vaibhavam, the lilting patriotic fervour in Bharathiyar songs are immortalized by DKP’s stamp of emotional involvement and straightforward spontaneity . If there is familiarity among music lovers and common man alike of Bharathi’s poetry DKP deserves the encomiums for singing them in robust patriotic fervour those timeless revolutionary lyrics. She sang the moving ‘Shanthi Nilava vendum ‘ and brought tears in our eyes- has she gone to a higher abode in search of Shanthi!?! This graceful radiant gem will shine and stay in our minds for ever.

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