When Dr T S S Rajan was the President of Medical Association of Madurai, he had invited Smt. DKP to render a concert for the Doctors’ Association Committee of Madurai. Despite running a temperature, DKP decided to go ahead with her journey to Madurai. DKP was accompanied by her husband to the concert. Upon reaching Madurai in the morning, her fever worsened. She was feeling extremely sick and was compelled to stay in bed the whole day. DKP’s husband, Sri Ishwaran, told her not to disclose her fever to anyone as he guessed that the doctors would force DKP to cancel the concert and recover. Both DKP and Sri Ishwaran considered their commitment to music their top priority and went to the venue in the evening.

DKP was welcomed by a female doctor, who upon taking her hand, was in dismay at how hot DKP’s hand was. She noticed that DKP was running a high fever and the other doctors immediately advised DKP to rest and they were willing to cancel the concert in favor of DKP’s recovery. Sri Ishwaran expressed his disapproval immediately and told everyone that DKP would go ahead with the concert. This was because she had given everyone her word to perform and her commitment to the art and the promise was the most important.

DKP did not even know what she was singing on stage when she started; she was that unwell! However, after the second song, she broke a huge sweat and delivered a grand concert. Dr T S S Rajan addressed the audience after the concert and was full of praises about her energy and commitment. He was certain that it had to be divine energy that gave DKP the strength to deliver a concert of such high caliber despite not keeping well.