Desha Sevai


D. K. Pattammal who has been reigning supreme in the world of Classical Carnatic Music for over six decades was brought into films as a playback singer by the sadly neglected Indian film pioneer, the lawyer-turned-filmmaker, K. Subramanyam in his Tamil film classic, "Thyaga Bhoomi" ( 1939 ).

Her rendering of an emotionally charged patriotic song written by celebrated Tamil writer and journalist, 'Kalki' ( Ra.Krishnamurthy) and composed by Papanasam Sivan, "Desa Sevai Seyya Vareer..." in the Tamil film classic, "Thyaga Bhoomi" (1939) became extremely popular reflecting the mood of the times when the atmosphere was charged with Indian Freedom Movement. Interestingly this song was not issued as gramophone record along with the other songs of the film and was brought out later as private disc by DKP with no mention of the origin of the song.

The historic film has a sequence towards the end showing a group of freedom fighters marching in procession, carrying the Indian National Congress party flag, which the heroine joins to fight for her Motherland. While the volunteers march in large numbers a song is heard in the background highlighting the Indian Freedom Movement and inviting people to join it and serve the nation. "Desa Sevai Seyya Vareer… ..!" goes the emotion-rich song written by "Kalki" and tuned by Papanasam Sivan. The singer is D. K. Pattammal.

Director K Subramaniam  Kalki Sri Krishnamurthi