Justice T L Venkatarama Iyer

Justice T.L.Venkatarama Iyer

Before leaving Madras, Sri Ambi Dikshitar requested JusticeT L Venkatarama Iyer, an authority on Mutthuswami Dikshitar krithis, to train DKP to render more Muthuswami Dikshitar’s compositions. DKP learnt many Dhikshithar krithis under his guidance, the prominent of them being - 'Maamava Pattabhi Rama' in 'Manirangu', 'Kadambarapriyaayai' in 'Mohanam', 'Dharmasamvardhini' in 'Madyamavathi', 'Maanasa Guruguha' in' Ananda Bhairavi' and 'Ekambareswara Nayike' in 'Sudhdha Saveri'. She owed a lot to Justice T L Venkatarama Iyer for her priceless collection of Muthuswami Dhikshithar krithis, the rendition of which earned her a lot of appreciation. She is one of the luckiest to have learnt under Justice T L Venkatarama Iyer who is renowned not only for being a lawyer in high court, later, Chief Justice at Supreme Court of India, but also a great musician and versatile Sanskrit scholar. DKP owed a lot of her diction and knowledge on Muthuswami Dikshithar’s kritis and her flawless diction to this great man.