Everlasting melodies of our dear D.K. Pattammal mami that we all know, linger in our thoughts forever.

To me, she is the embodiment of Indian womanhood. Her dedication to her husband and family inspite of such a heavy musical schedule of kutcherys, all over India and abroad, speaks volumes of her devotion as a true pathivratha likeNalayini and Sita. Mr. Easwaran also guarded her like a flower while appearing to be very strict and authoritative. He was very sensitive to all her reactions and guarded her against any negative thoughts. Her songs on patriotism are treasured as gems in our National archives.

She was an epitome of Indian womanhood. Her dedication to classical and Carnatic music was exemplary and she believed in classical tradition taught to her by her Guru. She passed on the rich heritage to her grand-daughters and hersishyas. Now Nithyasree Mahadevan is following her footsteps and has reachedthe zenith of D.K.P.’s classical bani.

I have been indeed fortunate to have her as my friend, philosopher and guide. I still remember a memorable incident that took place in our house at Sait Colony,Egmore. We were celebrating my son Mahendra’s first birthday, M.S.Subbulakshmi and D.K. Pattammal and Bala Saraswathy were all present. When M.S. Subbulakshmi and Balasaraswathy together had sung on Lord Muruga,Pattammal also sang our favourite ‘Vallikanavan Perai’ in her rich husky voice. This is indeed our great, good fortune and I believe we must have done greatpuniya, having all the three stalwarts in one place and bless my son Mahendra, even at the tender age of one. My husband’s family Y.G. Duraisamy, his sistersSrimathy and Vaidehi were all great music lovers and the two sisters sang. Mr. Y.G. Duraisamy and my husband Y.G. Parthasarathy accompanied them onTabala.

I would like to recollect yet another indelible event that took place at BharatKalachar. D.K. Pattammal’s family, her daughter and her granddaughter, all sang with her and gave us a delectable and unforgettable kutchery. Her music was feast to our ears. D.K. Pattammal was insistent on us being given some delicacy or the other from her kitchen, when we visited her, even when she was ill. My daughter-in-law Sheela Rajendra used to visit her on weekends and learn some rare krithisfrom her.

D.K. Pattammal is a living legend through her music. Now preserved by Archivesof Music Academy and Sangeeth Nataka Academy ,her immortal voice and herstyle are the great wealth of classical music tradition for our future generations.

Mrithyoma Amirtham Gamaya! She has indeed became immortal. Her music has led her to immortality!

I am very happy that a website is coming in her name. I must congratulateGayathri on taking up this project at an appropriate time!

I wish her all the best.

Dr. (Mrs.) Y.G. Parthasarathy

Chairperson – Bharat Kalachar