She has given concerts in several musician's family functions. It was a proud moment for DKP when she was asked to perform during the Sashtiabhdhapoorthi Celebrations of Chembai Vaidyanatha Bhagavathar.

She was also asked to sing during Bharath Rathna Smt M S Subbulakshmi's daughter Smt Radha's and Smt Vijaya's weddings.

DKP used to recollect with pride a few krithis that she sang along with MS Amma in a private function held at Musiri Subramania Pillai's residence.

DKP was very famous among the Nadaswara Vidwans ( MElakArA) of her times. She was regularly featured during the family functions of NeedAmangalam MeenAkshi Sundaramam Pillai( NAdaswaram), RAgava Pillai(Thavil), Shanmugasundaram Pillai((Thavil), Thiruvizhimazhalai Brothers, Sivasubramania Pillai and NatarAja Pillai(NAdaswaram), RAjarathnam Pillai( NAdaswaram), VeeruswAmi Pillai(NAdaswaram), etc.

DKP with Chembai Vaidyanatha Bhagavathar Musician's Musician DKP at Radha-Viswanathan & Vijaya-Rajendran wedding