It is with pride I recall my association with DKP. Perhaps the word association is not appropriate because a member of our big joint family since the thirtees of the last century having married my cousin Easwaran in 1939.In fact I had the good fortune of living with them when they set up house in Pollachi after their wedding.Their eldest son Siva was a toddler then and all the four of us made a cosy family. In spite of her preoccupation with music DKP found time to play her role as a hosemaker showering abundant love on others. She evinced keen interest in the welfare of the younger members of the family throughout her life. Her position as a celebrity in the world of Carnatic music did not stand in her way in playing her part as a senior member of tthe family. Loving and loved she was a role model for the yougsters.

Hema BalaKrishan