My adored father ‘Mridanga Chakravarthi’, ‘Laya Maamani’ Thiru Palakkad Mani Iyer often spoke interestingly at home the delightful subjects relating to Music and about the artistes whom he knew well by accompanying them in concerts. In that manner he often spoke at great length forgetting himself about Smt D K Pattammal whose music he greatly revered. Although he has spoken immensely, I’d like to share here the few things that are still vivid in my mind.

In his times women performing in concerts were negligible. “Even then DKP’s music was blemishless and at par with that of a proficient artisan giving a sense of fulfillment. How DKP sings so enterprisingly and majestically like a man and with an impeccable and high standard of singing that was unimaginably higher than the standard that women were believed to be capable of. It would be very exciting to accompany DKP”, my astounded father would tell.

Most importantly her kAla pramAnam that so specifically belonged to Ariyakkudi, the “rendAngattAn KAla PramAnam” as popularly known in the music circles coupled with a shruthi that was neither too high nor too low (Thakku shruthi) beautified Mridangam playing. “As her singing is just the way I would be most comfortable with for accompanying in my Mridangam, I enjoy accompanying DKP”, he would tell.

Palghat Mani Iyer Palghat Mani Iyer

Lalitha Siva Kumar