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Sri Papanasam Sivan

papanasam sivan

DKP had the greatest and rarest privilege of learning various krithis composed by Sri Papanasam Sivan from the vageyyakara himself. Sri Papanasam Sivan is popularly known as 'Tamil Thyagayya' and he was conferred the Sangeet Natak Academy Fellowship, the highest Sangeet Natak Academi award. It was Sri Papanasam Sivan who introduced her to playback singing in movies. He was the one who introduced her to Director K Subramaniam and composed many songs keeping DKP in his mind. She has sung many of his songs in the movies. Her first song in Tamil movies was in the film ‘Thyagabhoomi’ - 'Desa Sevai SeyyaVaareer', in which the background music was composed by Sri Papanasam Sivan, lyrics written by Kalki R Krishnamurthy. Example of the songs popularised by DKP are 'Radhamukha Kamala', 'YadukulaTilaka', 'Gokula Yamunai', 'Murugane…' which are all set in Hindustani tunes originally sung by Saigal and Roshanaara Begum. At the request of DKP, Sri Papanasam Sivan composed these songs against the already existing Hindustani tunes and felt that they were apt to be rendered by DKP. Thus DKP had such a rare opportunity of learning the songs directly from the composer himself and it is no doubt that they still remain a favourite of all the music rasikas in the world. How can anybody forget her renditions of "Aandavaney" in 'Shanmukapriya' or the divine "Naan oru Vilayaattu Bommaya" !