August 22 2000 is a day to be cherished and remembered by the DKP family. A concert bringing together four generations of the same family on stage is no ordinary affair ! The Secretary of Hamsadhwani, Sri R Ramachandran took the initiative and made this happen and the venue was the T T Krishnamachari Auditorium, The Music Academy, Chennai.

Smt D K Pattammal, Sri I Sivakumar(son), Lalitha Sivakumar(daughter in law), Smt Gayathri Sundararaman and Smt Nithyasree Mahadevan( grand daughters), Ms Lavanya Sundararaman(great grand daughter) were all on stage with the proud Sri Iswaran sitting in the front row of the jam packed hall.

“What passion cannot, music can raise and quell! Pattammal’s audiences listen to her in enjoyment of the celestial sound. If Rt. Srinivasa Sastri was a silver-tongued orator, DKP is a golden voiced minstrel with a quiet plenitude soothing to the heart” were Sri Ramachandran's words that day.

It was the power of music which brought together the whole family on stage and Smt Pattammal is unique in the sense that she was blessed to see her four generations perform right along with her.