Smt DK Pattammal is a very rare combination of a highly authentic classical singer and a Spirited Patriot who has participated and contributed a lot to India during the Freedom movement through her powerful and vibrant renditions of DesaBhakthi Compositions meaning patriotic songs. Her majestic voice with the stunning enunciation with verve and spirit would hit and kindle the feelings of freedom movement even in a lazy, sleeping and soft natured human being. Such was the energy and the power of her strong feelings for her mother land. During the early 40s in the pre Independence Era, when the freedom struggle was at it's peak, Smt Pattammal would include many patriotic songs in her concerts towards the end during the miscellaneous portion (called Tukkada). Infact she was one of the very few who included patriotic numbers in a chaste classical concert. Leaders like Ma Po Sivagnanam, Rajaji, Sathyamurthy, to name a few, had warned her that she may be arrested and were worried since the listeners' thirst for freedom was aroused when they listened to her patriotic presentations. There had been few occasions where the police had come to arrest her near the stage but seeing her face reflecting peace, they escorted her to safety. Even after all that, as a true and dedicated patriot, she would never fail to include Patriotic songs in her concerts. She would always emphasise the importance of all forms of Bhakthi like Guru Bhakthi, Maatru Bhakthi, Pithru Bhakthi and also Desa Bhakthi apart from Deiva Bhakthi.....which is the greatness of our land.

It was Dr P S Srinivasan, (uncle of Her husband Sri Iswara Iyer) who initiated her into the freedom movement and introduced her to the world of the powerful poems of the great Tamil PoetMahakavi Subramanya Bharathiyaar. When Pattammal was a young girl of ten years, Dr Srinivasan had given her a collection of poems of Bharathiyaar, to render a song as the invocation for a congress meeting at Kancheepuram presided by none other than the Father of our nation, Mahatma Gandhiji. She chose 'Veera Sudhanthiram' and tuned it in Senchurutti and gave an exceptional performance which was the curtain raiser of this unique and unmatched exemplary duo of DKP and Bharathi, one of the greatest Poets, Visionary and a revolutionary. Words cannot describe the impact of the unique combination of the emotive lyrical beauty of Bharathiyaar's songs rendered by the inimitable DKP.

She used to sing many of Bharathiyaar’s patriotic, soul stirring and arresting numbers in her concerts with so much emotions triggering and igniting the spark of independence and thereby uniting the nation through the medium of music. Her terrific and electrifying voice which echoed in the Radio at the Glorious moment when India attained Independence at the strike of 12 Midnight on 15 /08/1947. was Aaduvomey pallu paaduvomey! What a privelege for DKP Amma to sing the victory of a nation as a noble and striking Daughter of Bharatha Matha! She always used to say that it was the most unforgettable moment in her life that she cherished. Her patriotic numbers for the films Vaazhkai, Naam Iruvar, Thyaga Bhoomi, Mahathma Udangar, Lavanya to mention a few were Super Duper hits and are still evergreen and ringing in the ears of music lovers and patriots. The songs that she released as records also earned rave reviews and were loved by rasikas.

The list of songs are;

  1. Aaduvomey
  2. Vetri Ettu
  3. Bharatha Samudaayam
  4. viduthalai
  5. endayum Thayum
  6. endru thaniyum
  7. Engal naatukku (Namakkal Kavignar)
  8. Bharatha punya Bhoomi (Papanasam Sivan)
  9. Desa Sevai seyya (Papanasam Sivan)
  10. Aadu raattey (Namakkal Kavignar)
  11. Bandhamaganru

Even at the ripe old age of 75 and above, she made it a point to render a song orconclude her concerts with a song for national integration and peace. The song "Shanthi NilavaVendum", used to be so powerful, moving and also rejuvenating. E ven at her concerts when she sang the Desa Bhakthi compositions, she used to render it with the spirit and such energy, with the reminiscences of the freedom struggle. Undoubtedly she is a rare combination of one of the finest Musicians and a true Patriot.

Dr Nithyasree Mahadevan