Press Review Photo

The morning after the School Annual Day, DKP’s family was shattered to see the ‘sudEsa miththiran’ daily newspaper! DKP’s singing in the school drama and all the applause that she got herself and to the school was covered by the press along with her photo. This was the “horrible incident” according to DKP’s family! ;) Shri Krishnaswamy Dhikshitar was worried that his family was doomed and that his daughter’s life was over!

85 years ago, according to the societal standards of those days, a girl’s photo and especially the photo of a Brahmin girl belonging to a traditional austere family appearing on a newspaper meant the apocalypse of that family and the girl. DKP’s father was deeply worried and all relatives promptly gathered at DKP’s house to discuss the ill fate of this child and decided that she must never sing again. As misfortunes never come alone, to further the agony of DKP’s family, the ‘Colombia’ gramophone company impressed by the newspaper article sent its representatives to get DKP give a record for the company! It is needless to mention that the representatives were driven out of the house!

It was at this point that DKP’s school headmistress Smt Ammu Kutti Ammal, Dr P S Srinivasan and Shri S Satyamurty (freedom fighters) interfered and categorically persuaded Shri Krishnaswamy DhIkshitar that his daughter was very promising and that she was born to become a legend and that every support should to be extended to her. These people played a pivotal role in giving a GAna Saraswathi to this world and it was only after their interference that DKP’s father was convinced and decided to permit DKP to sing amidst so many pressures and shackles of the time.