Iddaraniyil Asaveri



Once when I was admitted in the hospital for surgery and came home after being hospital-bound for a week. Despite being old, she was waiting for my arrival at the car porch. She insisted that I should stay with her and had prepared the bedroom for me to stay with her. I stayed with her for 15 days, till she was convinced that I was fit to go back to my house. She gave me food, ensured that I was taking my medicines and did not allow me to do any work at all. The unconditional love and care that she showed me despite her old age moved me. That memory is etched in my mind forever.

She has lived an exemplary life; as one of the most influential artists in Carnatic Music, as a woman with enviable values and morals, a mother, a wife, a friend, a teacher and the list goes on. Words cannot express the lessons I have learnt from her. There is not a day that goes by without me expressing my thankfulness to my parents who gave me away to this beautiful family and to God who gifted me such a gracious life. I am thoroughly humbled and gratified.

Lalitha Sivakumar