Ramaramapranasakhi Bhairavi


DKP Hand Writing

DKP would prepare the concert list according to the occasion of the concert. For example in marriage concerts, she was careful to not include rAgAs expressing sorrow/grief like MukhAri or Shuba pantuvarAli. Even in an appropriate rAga, she would ensure that the composition has no words that would be inappropriate to sing at weddings. For example she will not sing ‘NAn oru vilaiyAttu bommaiyA’ in wedding concerts because the composition while beautiful has words like, “pala piravi eduththu thindAdiyadhu pOdhAdhA?” and “ammA ammA endru alaruvadhu”.

DKP would plan her concert list according to the place of the concert. For example when she sang at a Murugan temple, her list included many diverse compositions on Lord Murugan. When she sings at Mumbai/Delhi, she would include a wide range of Sanskrit songs.

She would plan her concert list taking into account the expected audience also. When the audience will have a Telugu majority, she would render many Telugu songs and if the concert was to be held in KarnAtakA she would include a number of DAsar NAmAs.