Inthaparamukham Poorvi Kalyani


Once DKP sang at the SuchIndram temple, when she was only Miss Pattammal accompanied by her father Sri Krishnaswamy DhIkshithar. The audience was unmanageably big and it became so unrestrained as it wanted to meet and interact with DKP up-close and give their appreciations. DKP was escorted by police in order to manage the situation.

At ‘Kayamozhi', a village in South Tamilnadu, during their temple festival DKP gave a special concert for 7/8 hours with 2 RTPs (Ragam Thanam Pallavi) and 2 thani AvarthanAs. After she rendered ‘RangapuravihAra’, the audience were spellbound and requested ‘once more’ and she sang the song twice there that evening.

An exclusive Bhairavi Raga Concert at Vijayawada.

DKP was asked to sing in a National Program by the All India Radio titled 'CarnAtak and HIndusthAni' along with the famous vocalist Smt HeeraBAi BarOdEkar. They were asked to elaborate the same rAga and each of them were offered. 45 minutes. 'PUryaKalyAn' was elaborated in HindusthAni and Pattamma Amma sang a RAgam TAnam Pallavi- 'Parama PAvana RAmA' in 'PUrviKalyAni' for which she accompanied on the Mridangam by none other than the great doyen PAlghAt Sri T S Mani Iyer.

During the early 1960s DKP sang a concert for Krishna GAna SabhA accompanied on the Mridangam by Sangeetha KalAnidhi Sri T K MUrthi. As ill luck could have it power went off one hour after the concert began. But DKP continued without the microphones and an air of tranquility set in. The whole atmosphere was filled with her majestic soulful music. When the power was resumed after half hour, the audience requested to switch the microphones off and she continued her mic less concert with joy !