Telugu Vadhyar

DKP was greatly influenced by the Telugu Vaadhyar, who accidentally heard her and her brothers sing in their Kanchipuram home in Thumbavanam Street. He was passing by DKP’s home after teaching a student along the same lane and heard DKP and her brothers sing and was very impressed being a music teacher himself. He met DKP’s father and enquired about the children and their music teacher as he felt they were singing so well. When DKP’s father said that they were singing on their own some slokas and they had no teacher to train them he volunteered to teach the children as he found great potential in their talents. He was always very fondly remembered by DKP as the Telugu Vaadhyaar for whom she felt great reverence and gratitude. She owed to him her clear diction of the many Telugu compositions that she learnt and mastered during her lifetime. Under his guidance, she learnt the Thyagaraja Kritis, ‘Lekhana Ninnu’ in raga ‘Asaaveri’, ‘Koluvamaragatha’ in raga ‘Thodi’, etc. DKP sadly recalled that she was very grateful to her Telugu Vadhyar, but so innocent was her pursuit in music that she did not even know the name of this Telugu Vadhyar, yet learnt the nuances of the Telugu language and the art of rendering the Telugu compositions. When she later settled in Madras City, he met her in her house and wished her and blessed her. She was so happy that she had the opportunity to meet him again in life and took his blessings offering him the respects that one normally gives to a guru -offered him fruits and flowers.