Sarasadhala Kamas

Thematic Concerts

Thematic concert
'Concert with a theme' is popular in modern times but DKP has done thematic concerts at an era when such a thing was not in vogue and especially when concerts lasted for long durations ! Her repertoire was so big to perform under diverse themes for long hours at a stretch and on same themes at different places without repeating the list! DKP was probably among the pioneers who innovated the idea of thematic concerts and performed under that banner. Some of her earliest themes included the following:
  • Trinity’s compositions
  • Tamil Kritis
  • RAgam ThAnam Pallavi
  • Patriotic songs
  • Thiruppugazh
  • PApanAsam Shivan compositions
  • BhArathiyAr songs
  • Padams and JAvalis

At KAraikkudi, DKP gave an exclusive concert with ‘Kamba RAmAyanam’ as the theme.

Around 1960s, DKP gave a concert titled ‘Eka rAga sabha’ where the entire concert was rendered in one rAga, ‘Bhairavi’. The entire concert though in a single rAga was enthralling and did not sound monotonous and her idea of ‘Eka rAga concert’ was a grand success.

MuthuswAmy DhIkshitar’s 200th anniversary, DKP gave an exclusive concert of DhIkshitar Kritis.

The Tamil Nadu Government arranged DKP’s concert when they celebrated Subramaniya BhAratiyAr’s Centenary at Valluvar Kottam, Chennai where she sang BhAratiyAr’s songs exclusively.

An exclusive Desa Bhakthi songs concert at Bharat Kalachar under the auspices of SPIC MACAY.