Venaktesanatham Brindavanasaranga



There were some songs that stirred her soul and she would sing those at home every now and then with just the tambura. Ekkaalathilum, Poorvikalyani, Neekedaya, Neelambari, Sivakama sundari, Thyagaraja Vaibhavam, Aannadeshwarena, Anandabhairavi, Nannubrochuta, Thodi, Varijapuki Padam, just to name a few. She would sing Tamil Viruthams , Pattanathaar, Krishna karnamridam and Shyamala Dhandagam as Raga Malikai songs, without even realising time passing by. I cannot express enough how fortunate I feel to have experienced such musical bliss in this lifetime.

She attracted titles and awards the same way a flower attracted bees. However, what gave her boundless happiness and utmost pride was the warm blessings and affection that she was showered with from her revered Gurus. If we spoke about compositions by Muthuswamy Dikshitar, she would speak so fondly of Late Sri T.L Venkatramayyar with tears welling up in her eyes.

Amma has never spoken ill of anyone. Even when average singers sang to her, she would appreciate their passion and enthusiasm and always spoke with words of encouragement.

Lalitha Sivakumar