Listening to D.K Pattammal’s music was like floating in an unfathomable ocean of knowledge and yet wrapped up in a blanket of repose and divinity. She had the capacity to blend the technical aspects of Carnatic music with the soul of the ragam, and the meaning of the song to produce something so singularly exquisite that in its crescendo could leave the audience spell bound. She was like a musical hurricane in times of musicalstalemate. She was like the brightest star, blazing through the darkness of the sky leaving behind glowing trails that one could only hope to follow. Even as she was the picture of dignity and grace, she had a steely resolve and an unflinching dedication to accept any musical challenge thrown at her. Her music was an indefinable mix of serenity and pace. Even today, her renditions of ragams like Thodi and Bhairavi form the musical benchmark that people hope to achieve. She was a pioneer, a trail blazer, a trend setter and more than anything supremely devoted to music. She was born a musician and she left this world as one. Here are some of the tributes paid to her by some of the people who were very dear to her.