Pattammal and Iswaran

The wedding of Smt D K Pattammal and Sri Iswaran took place at Tiruchanur. Iswaran Iyer was an Electrical Engineer and worked with the Electricity Department. After marrying DKP amma, he not only encouraged her to sing, but actually took all responsibilities of organizing her concerts, looking after her schedule, managing her travel and taking care of administrative matter. For all this, he was forced to take leave from work and support her. At this point in time, the couple had to decide about who was to pursue a career and who had to support the other’s growth. Though earning money and growth were equally possible for both, becoming famous was possible only for her and he felt that a family woman being an achiever was a rare occurrence and it that would give him greater fulfillment. So he resigned his job and did everything for her. DKP would do the singing alone and her best half would take care of everything else. But for this man standing behind her success, DKP would not have become what she became.

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